Impression of a Struggle Yielding a Pleasantly Sweet Aftertaste, Oil on Canvas, 46 x 34, 2015.jpg

Floating in Place

My paintings, fundamentally, are intended to celebrate the (very strange) experience of life as a human being on planet Earth.  To me it seems that this experience is laden with pairs of extremes that at times contradict one another and at others seem to intermingle in a most bizarre, harmonious dance.  Duality is the lens through which I am able to make sense of the world, both around me and within me.  I wish to acknowledge and appreciate both sides of each coin that I encounter.  Life is beautiful and life is painful.  Humans are capable of love and capable of cruelty.  Neither descriptor contains the whole truth in either instance.  Each extreme fortifies its opposite, allowing for a greater sense of understanding and meaningfulness.  I aim to examine and honor the whole truth with my descriptions (in paint) of duality.